•  About your Data

According to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.” Extract bench helps you to exercise this right by presenting your information in easy to use form . 

  •  About Opinion Discussion Board

Due to large amount of data available in various type industries. This data is of no use until converted into useful information. Analyzing this huge amount of data and extracting useful information from it is necessary.

The extraction of information is not the only process we need to perform but it also involves other processes such as Data Extraction.  We can use this data which is freely available & should have right to use and republish as we wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. So we need to find alternative methods as manual method of analysis is tedious and requires more man power and even door to door survey maybe difficult at times.

  •  How Opinion Discussion Board works

we are reducing the actor’s opinions on the topic at hand into one simple number. We will call this number the alignment score. Some people believe strongly in an idea. Others are lukewarm, or may believe in the opposite. The strength of someone’s belief influences how likely they are to transmit it to others .

The scale selected for the alignment scores is arbitrary. One simply has to be able to indicate people who support or disagree with an opinion, and indicate how strong they are in their opinions. An example scale is shown in Table below . On this scale +1 indicates a normal follower of BJP and +3 a radical follower.


 In this table initial alignment scores will need to be assigned to the actors.